General Information

General Information

Thanks for taking take to investigate our history, our doctrinal positions and goals. God has graciously seen us through almost 90 years of ministry with all of its ups and downs. If you have specific questions raised by statements made or articles cited here, we would be delighted to hear from you. By God’s grace we are who we are and we rejoice in His faithfulness to us!


Right to Confer Degrees

The Seminary has had the legal right to confer degrees from its inception in 1927. Bill PR44 was passed in the 2nd Session 32nd Legislature, Ontario 31 Elizabeth II, 1982 acknowledging the right of the Seminary to confer theological degrees. As of October 11, 1985, the name was changed to The Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College.

Gifts to the Library

The Seminary welcomes gifts of useful books for the Library, which fills a large place in student life. To this matter we could call the special attention of retired ministers who, though poor in this world’s goods, have managed to collect valuable theological works which they fear may fall into unappreciative hands after they are called home. We can assure that such books will be most profitably employed and most sincerely appreciated by the Seminary Library and those who use it.

Gifts of money are most helpful for the purchase of essential contemporary works. The Peter Macgregor Memorial Library Fund has been established for this purpose.


The Seminary is happy to arrange for presentation of the institution to churches, schools, youth organizations, etc. Many churches are visited by teams of students and professors during the school year.

Remember the Seminary in Your Will

We suggest that our friends should remember The Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College in their wills. The proper form for this is:

“I give, devise and bequeath… to The Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College, 337 Jarvis Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 3T4, Canada, associated with Jarvis Street Baptist Church.”

We are laying foundations for the future, and we are determined to make it as impossible as it is within human power to do so, that one dollar given to The Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College shall be used for anything but for the propagation of the gospel. No amount would be too large, and certainly no amount would be too small. We earnestly solicit the gifts of those who believe in ministerial and missionary education.

Bursaries and Trusts

Through the years various funds have been established to assist needy returning students.

Friends may care to establish other funds. There is a great need especially with students coming from developing countries. These countries need trained workers to evangelize and build churches. We welcome inquires from any who would like to assist in this missionary programme.


The Trustees are responsible for the general administration of the Seminary. Under Bill Pr44 (2nd Session, 32nd Legislature, Ontario 31 Elizabeth II, 1982) and later amended by Bill Pr29 (2nd Session, 34th Legislature, Ontario 38 Elizabeth II, 1989) of the Provincial Government, the Board of Trustees of The Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College shall be composed of:

  • The Pastor of Jarvis Street Baptist Church, ex officio (by virtue of office);
  • seven members elected by the members of Jarvis Street Baptist Church for a term of two years;
  • seven members elected by the board for a term of two years;
  • the Principal of the Seminary, ex officio; and
  • the President of the members Association, ex officio.
  • the Treasurer of the Jarvis Street Baptist Church, ex officio.
  • the Managing Editor of “The Gospel Witness,” ex officio.


Under the same Bill Pr44 and Bill Pr29 the Senate of the Seminary shall be composed of:

  • The President and the Principal, ex officio;
  • The members of the Faculty (full and part time teaching staff); and
  • Three members of the Board of Trustees, other than the President and the Principal, appointed by the Board for a term of two years.

The Senate is responsible for the academic programme of the Seminary. All degrees may be conferred only by the Senate upon recommendation of the Faculty.

The Senate is composed of Full and Part Time Faculty Plus board members.

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