Historical Tour of English Christianity

You are invited to join us on a guided historical tour of Southern and Central England with Rev. Dr. Christopher W. Crocker. This is offered as a tour as well as a church history credit course on English Christianity.


To take the tour for credit, assignments will include an on-site oral presentation and a post-trip reflection and essay. The base text will be Gilley et al, A History of Religion in Britain (1994).


Southern and Central England


May 1–11, 2023


Rev. Dr. Chris W. Crocker, Associate Professor of Church History, Toronto Baptist Seminary


approx. $3850.00

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December 31, 2022


As English speaking Canadian Christians, the history of  Christianity in England is of particular importance. Through the influence of the British Empire and the United States, English Christianity has had an unparalleled impact on the history of Global Christianity. This trip will consider the full breath of Christian history in England: Early, Mediaeval, Reformation, Post-Reformation (incl. Dissenters like the Baptists), Evangelicalism and the Contemporary scene.  You will experience English culture (from pubs and castles to countryside and cityscapes). You will visit everything from Saxon churches, Norman monasteries and castles, medieval cathedrals, Reformation sites, centres of education, old Baptist churches and have opportunities to worship in contemporary evangelical/Baptist contexts.

CONTACT: email our registrar, Gang Wang, for details at [email protected].

*Limited spaces available*

*Non-Refundable Deposit by Dec 31*