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Studying at Toronto Baptist Seminary

Our desire is to equip men and women to serve the Lord


Student Testimonials

My time at the Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College prepared me for pastoral ministry. I was looking for an educational experience that emphasized rigorous Biblical education without sacrificing a deep love for the church, and they delivered without question.

Mathieu Brideau, Pastor of Grimsby Bible Church, Grimsby, Ontario

At the heart of the Christian faith is the triune God who has made himself known. Whether a pastor or a pipelayer, a leader or a layperson, it is crucial that we are trained to handle the Word of truth so that we might testify to the greatness of our Lord in whatever sphere we find ourselves in. We need theological training that is rigorous in its study, biblical in its approach, and Christ-centred in its application. Those who are serious about theological education would do well to consider Toronto Baptist Seminary. This historic institution strives to hand down the faith once delivered for the fame of Christ’s name, and in service of the local church.

Chance Faulkner, TBS Alumnus | Co-Founder | H&E Publishing

A seminary with strong faculty, academic rigor and impartially committed to God’s Word is not impossible to find. A seminary with godly and accessible professors and staff who really exercise an important role in your training for pastoral ministry is also possible to find. A seminary affordable so that you won’t put yourself and your family in a financial desert for years also exits. Now, these four characteristics united in a single seminary is pretty hard to find. Yet this has been exactly my experience at TBS since 2017 and I am so grateful to God for such a blessing!

Joao de Souza, Current Student | Bachelor of Theology

Toronto Baptist Seminary has developed a passion in me for studying the Bible, belonging to the church, and living for the glory of God. The professors continue to care about my academic success and my relationship with Jesus Christ. They are rigorous in their scholarship and their passion for God is contagious. Specifically, I will never forget Dr. Barker and Dr. Constant’s Biblical Hebrew and Greek classes. They are worth their weight in gold. Both professors equipped me with the tools to develop a translation, interpretation, exposition, and application of the Scriptures. I believe their patience and scrutiny with this naïve student has turned out a humbled one.

Scott D. Mckenzie, Graduate Student

I often describe my time at TBS as the best three years of my life. My love for the Word was enhanced as I sat under theological riches and hermeneutical excellence. My raw eagerness to serve the Lord was refined into a set of skills which now make me useful to my local church body. And the people who took this whirlwind of a seventeen-year-old girl under their wing forged permanent impressions on my understanding of relationships, discipleship, and how Christians ought to love one another. It’s been ten years since graduation, and I can affirm I would not be the Christian I am today were it not for the grace God showed me during my time at TBS.

Jennifer Kemp Sherer, TBS Alumna

Current Student Resources

Here you will find information on our Residence, Library, and events, as well as our Student Handbook and our student forms.

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A Message from the President

The study of Scripture is the greatest employment of the mind. Consequently, we endeavor to immerse students in the unfathomable wealth of the biblical text. Rightly interpreted and applied, God’s Word fosters sound and profound theological understanding for the purpose of magnifying the triune God.

To this end, join the community of God’s people at TBS in the life-transforming pursuit of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. G. Thompson

President, Toronto Baptist Seminary

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