Toronto Baptist Seminary’s tuition fees are $351 per semester hour. This rate includes a $15/semester hour library fee. Auditing is at a reduced rate.  Full-time students (enrolled in 3 courses per semester) may audit 1 course at no cost during the same academic year. Correspondence courses are $351 per semester hour. The following fees are per person, per year. Fees must be paid in full on Registration day for that semester.

(All fees are subject to change without notice.)

Students must register before the first day of classes. A late registration fee of $150 may be charged to those who register after the first day of classes.

All students should have at least sufficient funds for the first school year and reasonable plans for the payment of fees for the remaining years.  We do not participate in OSAP and urge students to save up or work part-time while studying.

Students will not be allowed to graduate or to register for subsequent semesters unless all their outstanding fees and expenses have been paid.

The following fees are per person, per year. Fees are payable for each semester in full at registration. The amounts shown are subject to change.

Tuition Fees

All Tuition Fees in Canadian $
Undergraduate/Graduate Programs

(2 Sem x 15 Hrs x $351)

Th.M. Program

(34 hours including thesis)

Residence Shared Room for TBS Students

(8 months: Sept—Apr)
$475—$550 depending on the room

Residence Shared Room for NON-TBS Students

(8 months: Sept—Apr)
$600—$675 depending on the room

Single Room for TBS Students

(8 months: Sept—Apr)
$600—$700 depending on the room

Single Room for NON-TBS Students

(8 months: Sept—Apr)
$725—$825 depending on the room

Student Residence Deposit

(refundable if properly cleaned)

Full Meal Plan

(33 weeks – 5 days per week)

1/2 Meal Plan

(33 weeks) only permitted with Physician’s note

Student Fees

(Special Events, Banquets, Mandatory Orientation Retreat, I.D. Card) – Nontransferable

Student Council Fee
Returned NSF Cheque Charge
Change of Program

(re: Visa Renewal, Immigration Status, Employment)

Approximate Total

for a single student per year


Graduating Fees

Degree / Diploma & Framing $50
Portrait Fee $70
Total Graduating Fee $120

Other Expenses

Refundable deposit on keys (If the keys are not returned by May 30th, there will be no refund.) $40
Books (approximate) $900
Computer Fee $50
Health Plan for Foreign Students
Single rate (approx.) per year: $893
Family rate (approx.) per year: $2,678
Sunday meals and incidental personal expenses (This figure is very approximate and will vary widely from individual to individual.) $1,500

Transcript of Credits

The fee set for each request for transcripts is $10 for each copy. The Seminary policy is to send the transcript directly to the educational institution concerned. No transcripts will be issued if there are any outstanding fees. The Seminary must be notified a week in advance of the time you need the transcripts supplied.

Part-Time Work

During term time, Canadian immigration laws restrict those who are not landed immigrants from secular employment. Students should discuss plans for employment with the Registrar.

Summer Field Work

We encourage students to find definite Christian work during the summer break. Canadian immigration laws permit foreign students to work for pay if such work fulfills practical training requirements for their field of study. Arrangements on a summer field may be made with participating churches for a guaranteed income for return to school.

Health Insurance

All students are required to have health insurance. Ontario residents are usually covered by OHIP, a government-sponsored plan. Students from other provinces carry their provincial plans with them. At registration students must furnish proof of their insurance enrollment.

Foreign students are required to register through the Seminary office in the master group insurance plan the Seminary has with Ingle Insurance Company. This plan provides comprehensive health insurance to cover medical problems which may arise after the student enters Canada. In the event that a student already has a comparable comprehensive health insurance plan, this will be accepted by the school provided the student signs a waiver, thereby declining the Seminary’s master group insurance plan.


Payment in full is required on Registration Day in September for the Fall Semester or January for the Winter Semester. Interest will be added to all unpaid fees.

Note: Students must personally cover the costs of any deductibles which may be charged by the insurance company on certain medical fees. Upon arrival in Canada students must report immediately to the Seminary office to work out the details of their medical coverage.