Our Goal is “Theological Education that Transforms”

At Toronto Baptist Seminary the key conviction undergirding our vision of theological education is the everlasting, eternal nature of God’s word. Scripture recognizes a world in flux, ever changing, with old kingdoms falling away and new systems of thought taking hold. Yet it is very clear that God’s word stands in stark contrast to such unrest in that His truth remains the same. With the eternal nature of His truth in mind, our focus is teaching students how to carefully interpret and apply God’s Word to a variety of situations. We want you to learn the life-long skills required of present and future ministry through faithful interpretation and application. At TBS you will be urged to develop a clearer understanding of the magnitude of God’s wisdom and glory so that you may proclaim it with power.

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.
—Matthew 24:35

You will find the courses taught each year build upon one another to provide you with the tools needed in today’s challenging ministry environment. Whether you are headed to the mission field, the pastorate or another area of ministry, you will be encouraged to think biblically, defend your faith articulately, and interact gracefully with others.

The Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College operates residential and an extension program. Residential studies, (i.e. regular daytime courses delivered at the Seminary) may lead to one of our two diplomas or several degrees, or they may be considered “special” studies (i.e.g not part of the diploma or degree programs). Extension studies refer to those classes available by means of correspondence courses, evening classes and summer school. Extension studies may contribute to a diploma or degree but must be buttressed by some residential study to fulfill the degree program academic requirements.

Academic Resources

TBS Style Sheet

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TBS Add or Drop Course Form
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TBS Course Evaluation Form

Use this PDF fillable form to communicate your evaluation of individual courses. The information is confidential and is reviewed in order to improve the quality of instruction.

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TBS Intent To Graduate Form

Intention to Graduate Form

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TBS Night School / Part-Time Studies Course Registration Form

Students studying occasional courses or part-time do not need to complete a full application. Instead, use this PDF fillable form to register.

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Transcript Request Form

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